Protect central line
Economy of movement
Sticky hands: (Chi Sao)
Focus on elbow or knee movement (depends on distance)
Use side or diagonal steps to avoid the opponents strength & force
Usage of both arms during fight
Use of acupoints for maximum effectiveness
Strike the closest part of your opponent (depends on stance)

Usage of entry technique
Open with attack
Trap elbow
Attack balance
Lock arms on blind side
Control blind side
Cover the central line to force the opponent to use another route
Continued movement
Never become an easy target
Be calm and self confident and let your reflexes guide the way
Strike with elbow & knees from close distance , use fists palms or legs at longer distance

Knowledge of self defense techniques
Reduce stress
Better health
Improve physical condition
Improve agility – power – reflexes
Improve coordination and synchronized movement
Self confidence
Self respect
Self awareness