Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Gung Fu style that appeals to people of every age, gender, body type and physical condition. It is a traditional Chinese martial art that was developed in order to provide full autonomy and safety in full contact sparing and is one of the best practical and realistic combat systems for self defense. Wing Chun became popular due to Bruce Lee, as it was the first martial art which he studied and practiced, and also Yip Man one of the most historical figures of Chinese martial arts during the 20th century.

The Wing Chun Gung Fu trainee will learn how to use subtle body mechanics to achieve maximum effectiveness with minimum stress and in a relative short while will be able to use a system to protect him/her from every physical assault. This fact promotes Wing Chun as one of the most prominent and contemporary self defense systems highly suitable against the dangers of modern society. The system can be taught to children as well, in special designed classes that provide the youngsters with the best tools for discipline and self defense while denouncing aggressiveness and violence.